Campbell's Soup Can Chess Set by Andy Warhol

chess board, 32 playing pieces, custom box
vinyl playing pieces, each 3" diameter
box: 22 x 13 x 9"
board: 19 x 19"
each piece: 3" tall
limited edition of 200
© / ® /™ The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.

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Enjoy an iconic look for an iconic game with the collectible Andy Warhol Campbells Soup Can Chess Set. This chess set features 3-D versions of Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans as chess pieces with a colored chess board complete with felt accents. Each vinyl 3-inch Campbells Soup can is labeled and printed on top with its corresponding chess piece.  The beautiful custom box makes it great for gifting, too.

From our partners at Kid Robot.