Terracotta Bowl by Campana Brothers

Terracotta Bowl, 2017
7.5 (w) x 6 (d) x 3.4 (h) inches
limited edition of 250
custom box

individual: $1,500
set of four: $5,000




Inspired by, and in collaboration with, our partner LizWorks, this limited edition series of terra-cotta bowls by the Brazilian Campana Brothers began with a bowl of oatmeal in Tulum. After a "religious" experience eating a bowl of oatmeal out of a terra-cotta bowl in Tulum, LizWorks founder Liz Swig collaborated with the Campana Brothers to explore food as material and material as food.  The undeniably globby but dense nature of oatmeal inspired this bowl's shape which is made even more complex by the materiality of terra-cotta. 

This completely functional bowl will upgrade your breakfast but it can also be admired as decisively Campana in style. Sold as a single or in sets of four in beautiful custom gift boxes.