Return to the Raw Candles by Lan Tuazon

Return to the Raw Candles
set of individual candles with a wax and wood base
base: 2" h. x 9 1/4 x 13 1/4 inches
buildings: 3" - 5" h.
Edition of 100 for each colorway/design


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Design your own city with this incredible series of limited edition candle sets by Philipinno artist Lan Tuazon who hand-makes each set in her Brooklyn studio. There are three designs, each in a limited edition of 100, and each with its own distinct colorway and collection of movable architectural elements. The base consists of solid wax with a wooden frame and shows some attached cast elements in the foreground. Each set then comes with a set of unattached candles cast in the shapes of some of New York's most iconic buildings that you can place however you like.

The three sets along with their respective buildings are as follows:

WORLD BANKS (9 movable candles): Bank of America, 1 Chase Manhattan, 3 World Financial Center, 450 Lexington Avenue, Swiss Bank, 1 Financial Square, Continental Center, Mutual of America

CIVIC AND CORPORATE BUILDINGS (9 movable candles): Chrysler Building, AXA Center, General Motors, Solow Building, WR Grace, Home Insurance Plaza, Thurgood Marshall Court Building, Javits Federal Center, and Federal Office Building

OFFICE BUILDINGS (8 movable buildings): Empire State Building, 1 Penn Plaza, 520 Madison Building, 599 Lexington Avenue, Chanin Building, 17 State Street, 3 Park Avenue & 750 Seventh Avenue