Statue of Liberty Rug by Keith Haring

Statue of Liberty Rug, 2001
100% virgin wool, made in Nepal
8.5 x 5 feet
number 4 from an edition of 30

Stamped by The Keith Haring Foundation and ABC Carpet and hand-numbered.


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In 2001, The Keith Haring Foundation and ABC Carpet in NYC partnered to issue a special run of thirty rugs to benefit downtown arts organizations affected by the 9/11 tragedy. The Keith Haring Foundation selected this design originally created for the 1986 Liberty Centennial. The design depicts three of Haring's signature cartoon figures in a muted yellow at the base of the Statue of Liberty dancing or jumping in celebration against a deep red background.

This rug example is # 4/30 and is in excellent condition. It's made from 100% virgin wool and crafted in Nepal. It still has attached to the backside the original tag issued by the fabricators that shows the Foundation's stamp and the hand-written edition number.