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Votives by Gabriella Levy

ine translucent porcelain, translucent cream glaze, hand poured soy wax, ‘invisible’ cork base
approx. 6 h. x 4 diameter inches

Designed for use with standard replaceable tea light candles after soy candle has burned.

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These beautiful handcrafted votives are by the ceramic artist Gabriella Levy. Made of fine, translucent porcelain and hand-poured soy wax, the votives glow warmly when lit and display as lovely tabletop objects when unlit. Perfect on a nightstand, window sill, or anywhere you enjoy candlelight. Purchase multiple votives and create your own grouping as a centerpiece for a dining table, coffee table, or fireplace mantel. When the candle burns down, a replaceable, standard tea candle can be safely used.

Sizes are approximate because of the unique nature of the votives. Custom projects are available.