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Lobster Bowl by Joan Sherman

Lobster Bowl, 2012
bronze and glass
7 h. x 18 diameter, inches
edition of 10 plus 1 AP


The Lobster Bowl by New York-based artist Joan Sherman has a solid, cast-bronze base and a bright-orange, hand-blown 12" glass bowl. It’s great for shrimp cocktail, nuts, or chocolates, but also works wonderfully as a table centerpiece alone or filled with empty shells or flowers. The edition is a small size of just 10 with one artist proof. Custom-fabrictated upon order; please allow 12 – 14 weeks.

The Lobster Bowl exudes humor and reverence. In 17th-century Dutch and Flemish paintings (a period of art history that influences the artist’s thinking about her work), the lobster represents the riches brought home by a seafaring merchant culture that was discovering its commercial connection to the world. The lobster’s global presence from such an early time paired with the longevity enjoyed by these pre-historic crustaceans creates an unexpected paradox captured in Lobster Bowl.