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Teacup by Robert Lazzarini

Teacup, designed 2003
porcelain cup and saucer with a stainless steel spoon
cup and saucer: approx. 3½" h x 6¼" diameter
limited edition

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Robert Lazzarini's work often recreates and then subverts everyday objects thereby confounding the viewer's expectations and challenging ideas of perception. For this edition, which was originally conceived for the Peter Norton Family Christmas Project, the artist used complex non-linear distortion and composited attributes of different cups and saucers to arrive at an archetypal object. He first drew the cup and saucer using three-dimensional modeling software and then found a well-proportioned spoon and laser-scanned it directly into the computer. He next applied multiple sine wave patterns along different axes through these virtual objects. After finishing the virtual modeling stage, Lazzarini created a series of rapid prototypes reproducing the rendering in 3D form. Designed to be viewed from all angles, Teacup becomes a visual anomaly placed among everyday items, evoking a melancholic, otherworldly quality.

In order to suggest years of use, each cup is hand-finished by Lazzarini and features a small chip in the rim.