Bone Cutlery by John Gerrard

Bone Cutlery
designed 2009
5 - piece service set
33 - micron silver-plated flatware
edition of 500



Artware Editions is pleased to announce the release of its newest edition by John Gerrard entitled, Bone Cutlery, which is composed of silver-plated flatware and a set of silver-plated salad tossers.

As with much of Gerrard's current work, Bone Cutlery furthers the artist's inquiry into the underlying structures that sustain us. in this case, the frequently opaque systems intrinsic to food production and consumption by which food arrives at our tables. The handles for the Bone Cutlery flatware and the entire forms of the salad tossers are molded directly from different bones of a single goat. Gerrard collaborated closely with traditional silversmiths in the south of France to pair bone handles with classic heads so that each of the pieces is properly weighted and feels comfortable in-hand. The pieces are then plated with 33 - micron silver and have a mirror-like finish making the forms at once primal and alluring.

Bone Cutlery ships in custom silver-cloth wraps for easy and safe storage. If product is not in stock, please allows 10-12 weeks for fabrication.

Photo credit: Jakob Polacsek (except lead image on white background)