Tableware by Marina Abramović

Misfits for the Table
4-piece porcelain tableware set
Each includes:
small plate: 6.5" diameter
large plate: 10.5" diameter
serving platter: 12.2" diameter
star plate: 9.5" diameter
edition of 2,000 in each colorway

Fabricated by Bernardaud


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Marina Abramović has said about this limited edition tableware:

‘‘For my project with Bernardaud, I created two sets of tableware, which I call Misfits because they do not match each other. Each set has different sized plates that var yin shape and pattern.
Together, these two sets can be combined for a misfit dinner for two or one set can be used to serve a lonely dinner for one.’’

Abramović created her limited edition four-piece porcelain plate sets for Bernardaud with each motif closely reflecting her personal life. Each set includes a small bread plate featuring the artist's own family crest and a dinner plate adorned with a detail from her artwork Golden Lips (2009). The star-shaped dish represents the communist star, a symbol that was ever-present in Abramović's childhood and life in ex-Yugoslavia. The golden serving platter was conceived as a counterpart to the star and represents the sun.