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Watch the Birdie Birdhouse by Bill Samios

Watch the Birdie, designed 2007
hand silk-screened birch plywood, hardware, and hardwood
27½ x 7 x 7 inches (including arrow shaft)
edition of 100

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This hand-made and environmentally-friendly birdhouse is a metaphorical object Bill Samios designed as a direct reference to his interest in the effect military threat has on the environment and the world's inhabitants, specifically birds. This threat has made many safe habitats for birds and humans accidental or intentional targets, putting the survival of both species at risk. Watch the Birdie reflects this vulnerability and the responsibility we all have to recognize these conditions.

The six sides of the birdhouse are decorated with a hand silk-screened NRA target in fluorescent blue, orange, and black. Although the opening size of the hole was chosen to welcome eastern Bluebirds specifically. Watch the Birdie is designed to house any family of cavity dwelling birds very safely.

The birdhouse hangs from a handmade shaft fashioned after an arrow and can be opened for cleaning. Only non-toxic materials were used for construction. Each of the edition of 100 is branded with the artist's signature and date.