Forme Appliquee (Historique) Buffet Plates by Joseph Kosuth

Forme Applique
designed 1991

6 different buffet plates
edition of 200 in each color (black (sold out) or white)




JOSEPH KOSUTH has created a buffet service entitled "Forme Appliquee (Historique)", that consists of six unique patterns which reflect the 200 year history of Limoges' porcelain production. All original decoration has been removed and replaced with the name of the pattern and the date when the service first appeared. This information is placed on the rim of the plate in the artist's chosen typeface, Copperplate Gothic Bold Extended.

The six buffet plates manufactured in Limoges originally came in two versions: black letters on white porcelain and platinum letters on black porcelain (sold out). Only the white version is still available. Each color version is limited to an edition size of 200 and is signed and numbered.