Molosco Dinnerware by Laura Letinsky

Molosco Dinner Service
Ceramic with hand-painted trim
Dishwasher safe; do not microwave

$79; dessert/bread plate; 6" diameter
$103; salad plate; 7.5"diameter
$110; dinner plate; 8.5" diameter
$128; presentation plate; 11.25" diameter
$420; complete service (4-pieces, one each of the above)

Because the Molosco wares are hand-made, please allow for slight variations in size.


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Laura Letinsky is an American contemporary photographer who has a long-standing engagement with the traditional genre of still-life painting. The images in her photographs show a collection of objects, some of which are found and some of which are made. Those that she makes reference actual objects in her life like the forms found in the Molosco collection of white, hand-painted porcelain tableware with gold trim. This collection of functional wares dates back to 2009 when the artist was in need for a perfect bowl for serving soup. Having studied both photography and ceramics she began to experiment with finding the right bowl form and then quickly expanded to include plates, cups, serving platters and more bowls, all of which she eventually incorporated into her photography.

Letinsky then joined forces with Jose Noé Suro Salceda, owner of Ceramicasuro, a porcelain producer in Guadalajara, who is also an avid art collector and has a history of collaborating with contemporary artists like Judy Ledgerwood, Arturo Herrerra, Liam Gillick, Marcel Dzama, and Jorge Pardo. Together he and Letinsky set out to make the Molosco collection that maintains Letinsky’s artistic vision while being entirely usable.