Candles by Jason Middlebrook

Candles, designed 2014
custom candle with glass jar and walnut top
3 5/8 h. x 3 6/8 diameter (with top)



These very giftable, custom candles by American artist Jason Middlebrook are available in two distinct sets. Both exquisite scents are subtle enough to fill a room without overly dominating and come in beautifully presented boxes great for gifting. Both scents feature a solid wood top that make each candle a beautiful object for display.

Brooklyn Seeds is a soft and earthy scent consisting of pimento, cinnamon, carrot and cumin together with sandalwood and cedarwood. The jar features a calming image of the artist's signature striations, here in all white, and is paired with a beautiful, solid walnut top.

Vertical is a subtle fragrance with musk and amber tones that features black pepper and curry together with sandalwood and cedarwood. The colorful jar has a black-painted walnut top and features the artist's signature striations that convey the visual dynamic tension between the natural and man-made realms.

These candles were made locally in NYC and commissioned by our partners at WeR2 with scent design by Takasago, New York.