Case Study Shelving by Johannes Girardoni

Case Study Shelving
designed 2012
3/4" Douglas fir plywood and hand-painted acrylic panels
12 1/2" interior shelf height; 15 3/4" deep; 24", 36" or 48" wide
panel color options: Off-White, Off-Black, Off-Red, Off-Blue, Off-Yellow

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This collection of stackable modular shelving units by Austrian-born artist Johannes Girardoni raises the artistry of this traditional design concept with sliding acrylic panels hand-painted by the artist. Used as stackable shelving or as a room divider, Case Study Shelving combines standard, rectangular plywood units available in three sizes with panels available in five saturated colors that can be mixed and matched and viewed from both sides. Each panel shows the artist's brush strokes that pull the acrylic across the panel leaving streaks and open spaces in its path. Leave the panels exposed and they display like artwork inside the shelves, or place books and objects in the units and let the panels provide a vibrant background. Made-to-order; please allow 12-16 weeks for fabrication.