Custom Photo of Memorabilia by Hippopota

custom photograph of your memorabilia
mounted with 1/4" acrylic face (no frame)
various sizes available

The process is easy:
1. Choose the object
2. Ship it to us in NYC (it’s returned within a week, if not sooner)
3. Approve the image
4. Receive your beautifully mounted photo.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Once you place your order we'll be in touch with further instructions. Please call us directly for custom size inquiries (212 463 7490).


Our new collaboration with Hippopota gives you a way to showcase and preserve your precious memorabilia with a unique photo memento that is clean and modern.

The process is easy: select the object, ship it to Hippopota in NYC (it’s returned within a week, if not sooner), approve the image; and receive your beautifully mounted photo.

Whether it’s your father’s signet ring, your daughter’s treasured stuffed animal, a wine cork from a special dinner, a collection of playbills or your pet’s favorite toy, Christian Jaillite, the photographer behind Hippopota, will capture the essence of your objects in a personal and insightful way.

Each photograph is mounted with 1/4" acrylic covering the face. Prices range from $1,200 (for a 2’ x 3‘) to $2,200 (4’ x 5’). Custom sizes are available.