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Is the Art Pretty? Tote by We Go to the Gallery

Is the Art Pretty? Tote
100% poly-cotton
15.3" x 26.7" (with strap extended)
interior pocket
machine washable

Tote text:
"Is the art pretty?" says Susan.
"No" says Mummy.
"Pretty is not important"

Interior pocket text:
New words: pretty not important


The We Go to the Gallery collection is taken from the first in a series of Dung Beetle learning books designed to make scary subjects approachable for the under 5s. Printed in bold colors and written in clear, simple English each book drags families into the most complex recesses of the collective unconscious for their broader cultural benefit.  For the collection we offer, some images and themes from these books are placed onto everyday objects to both be used and to spread the knowledge.

About the Author & Illustrator
Miriam Elia is a head teacher working at the London School for the Poor and Ignorant. She specializes in teaching art and Zen Buddhism to young minds.

Produced by our partners at Third Drawer Down Studio in collaboration with We Go to the Gallery.