Lizbowl by Campana Brothers

Lizbowl, 2017
cast bronze
7.3 (h) x 9.5 (w) x 8 (d) inches
edition of 7 unique pieces

Only 3 left in the edition.



This exquisite limited edition series of 7 unique cast bronze bowls by the Brazilian Campana Brothers began with a bowl of oatmeal in Tulum. After a "religious" experience eating a bowl of oatmeal out of a terra-cotta bowl in Tulum, LizWorks founder Liz Swig collaborated with the Campana Brothers to explore food as material and material as food.  The undeniably globby but dense nature of oatmeal inspired Lizbowl's shape which shows a cascading grouping of the Campana Brother's signature animals, including gorillas, elk, bears, dogs, leopards and cheetahs.  The animals support the bowl's asymmetric shape and help turn the dense bronze into a counter-study in elevating an otherwise heavy material into a light and delicate form.

Each of the seven bowls has a different but equally beautiful composition of animals and customs in custom packaging.