Sketchbooks for Architects by Malia Jensen

Biggie Size edition, 2021
44 white paper cocktail napkins, red binding compound
88 pages
2 h. x 6.5 x 6.5 inches
edition of 100



Sketchbooks for Architects challenges all those creative types who declare their best work is scratched out on cocktail napkins. For the new “Biggie Size” edition of a perennial Artware favorite, Jensen imagines you might need some extra room after such a stressful year. Each notebook is made of 44 white, paper cocktail napkins bound together with classic red binding compound.

Much of Jensen's work relies on an alchemy between subject, material, and the act of making. For this series of objects, Jensen reimagines everyday situations and creates objects that elevate the user-experience and instigate joyful collaborative opportunity. Through an interplay of idea and functionality, she evokes the humor and intuitive insight for which her larger body of work is known.