Sunglasses by Raymond Pettibon

Sunglasses (unisex)
Style: LA Rays by Freeway Eyewear
frame: approx. 2 h. x 5.5 inches
2 colors: black with white arms, or tortoiseshell
red hard-cover case included
limited edition


These unisex, limited edition sunglasses by Raymond Pettibond is available in black/white and tortoiseshell. Pettibon’s work is universally known for his blending of high and low culture, taking points of departure from the Southern California punk-rock culture of the late 1970s and 1980s and the “do-it-yourself” aesthetic of album covers, comics, concert flyers, and fanzines. His iconic text “I thought California would be different,” which first appeared in his 1989 serigraph by the same name, appears here across the arm of the L.A. RAYS style sunglasses. Putting Pettibon’s longing text on the arm of sunglasses–L.A.’s ubiquitous accessory–highlights the darker side of the California Dream.

Each color is limited to 100 examples.