Trouble Light by Sam Stewart

Trouble Light
12' cotton cord, wooden mount, electrical components, 25-watt bulb
mount: 7 h. x 2.5"
bulb: 25-watt, 5" circumference


Trouble Light by Sam Stewart is a wonderfully straightforward, playful fixture that features a cotton cloth cord available in five colors and either a white oak or black walnut mount. Paired with a softly-lit, spherical 25-watt bulb, Trouble Light derives its form from a re-imagining of underground subway lights. The 12 foot cord wraps around the wooden mount and can be unraveled to extend directly into wall-mounted electrical outlets. For more information about Sam Stewart's work, visit his website at

The cord is available in:

Solid red
Solid black
Black/white stripe
Red/white stripe
Golden yellow

Mount available in:

White Oak
Black Walnut

One 5", 25-watt bulb is included.