Untitled (Vanity Mirror) by Cindy Sherman

designed 2020
Corian, distorted mirror, photographic print
8 h. x 6 w. inches
Edition of 100
Artist's signature embossed in ink
Digital COA provided

Part of the proceeds from this edition directly benefit our partner at Performa, New York, USA.

Not eligible for discounts.



Cindy Sherman is known for photographic portraits that feature her performing as numerous fictitious characters to evoke cultural stereotypes and historical characters.  For this hand-held vanity mirror edition, the artist calls upon the user to complete the portrait when their reflection merges with a digitally distorted version of the artist's face. 

This exquisitely crafted mirror, which was made for Performa's 15th Anniversary, is an extension of Sherman's recent work on Instagram where she uses facial distortion software to transform her image.  The edition references a fun-house mirror because of the distortion but the layering of the user's face on top of Sherman's does something more. The artists has previously stated, “I am trying to make other people recognize something of themselves rather than me.”