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    Artware Guarantee

    What is the Artware Guarantee?

    We know that buying art online requires trust in our ability to authenticate the work we sell. We promise that the products we sell are made 1) with the artist directly, or 2) in direct collaboration with the artist's estate or legal representative, or 3) through an approved licensing agreement. 

    What does it mean when an edition is "by" an artist?

    As our name implies, we sell a lot of editions.  The majority of artist editions available for purchase, whether from us or another art world source, are made with the direct participation of the artist but are not always made "by" the artist.  For the sake of simplicity, all our products are listed as "by" the artist though in many cases the artist did not have a direct hand in making it.  For example, through licensing agreements or larger scale productions the artist or their legal representative approves the edition but the artist is not in the factory hand-painting each example or forging the edition.  This is almost always the case for larger editions like a Jeff Koons plate made by Bernardaud or Yoshitomo Nara's toys made by Vilac.

    Whenever possible, we list the production date and manufacturer for clarity though in some circumstances this information is unknown.  We also list information about how the work is signed, whether it's stamped or printed or, in some rare cases, hand-signed.  Nevertheless, these are authentic editions made with direct knowledge of the artist or their legal representative.

    Is my order insured?

    Yes, we fully insure all orders door-to-door.

    What if the work I received isn't as described?

    If you are unsure of the authenticity of the work you received please let us know. If you are unhappy with your purchase, you are able to return most items within 14 days of receipt.  You can read our full Return Policy here.