Chair by Deborah Ehrlich

designed 2016
solid Hickory Heart or Ash
hand-crafted with clear matte finish
30 3/4 h. x 14 1/4 w. x 13 5/8”

seat height: 18 1/8"

If not immediately available, please allow 4 weeks for delivery.



Deborah Ehrlich is a singular kind of designer. She takes everyday, useful objects and elevates their beauty through careful, meaningful use of the material at hand. She then perfects the scale of the object in such a way that it feels totally recreated by her unique perspective.

With Chair, Deborah wanted to make the perfect wooden chair that could be used in whatever way needed, by whomever needed it. It is available in Hickory Heart or Ash which are both durable woods strong enough to be constructed in slight, elegant proportions. The hidden joinery makes Chair very sound while its scale is great for restaurants, dining tables, or as a lovely side chair for adults or children.

Chair's pared-back form is inspired by a music score composed by the designer’s brother which played in the aviary where she sketched the chair, along with the "incredibly loud silence of snow falling" and a movie she once saw where a chair levitates off the ground in a pivotal romantic scene. "You can put anything you want into a design, it’s an act of faith – and I knew it was done when I looked at it and thought I might levitate off the ground in that chair," Ehrlich says. (Wallpaper Magazine)