Glass House Wallpaper by James Welling

Glass House
designed 2010
Maharam Digital Projects
matte laminate finish
minimum square footage requirement: 100 square feet

$6,300 for first 100 square feet
$63 / per each additional square foot


In his architectural views of Phillip Johnson's Glass House. Los Angeles-based photographer James Welling transformed this iconic subject matter into mutable and transcendent form. Over the course of three years. the Glass House served as the laboratory for Welling's photographic experiments in color. transparency and reflectivity. Approaching the Glass House as a "lens in the Connecticut landscape." Welling manipulated light and the information it carried with it by placing a variety of colored filters over his camera to create unexpectedly saturated images. At once abstract and representational. Welling's Glass House May. 2008 alters our perception of a landmark architectural work.

Artware Editions is an approved Maharam Digital Projects retailer and offers the complete line of artist-designed digital wallpapers. These mural-style wallpaper installations are sized, priced and produced on a project-specific basis. There is a minimum purchase price based on the size of the original legend designed by the artist. It is not required that the total square footage be used but up to the indicated amount is available for the minimum purchase price. The total original image for this wallpaper is 150 square feet and this can be scaled and repeated to custom-fit any space on a project-specific basis. The wallpaper has a matte laminate finish which can be cleaned using mild soap and warm water.