Hellion Equilibrium Wall Covering by Sarah Morris

Maharam Digital Projects
(48% Cellulose, 35% Latex, 17% Nylon)
matte laminate with protective topcoat
legend: 10' h. x 100'
minimum square footage requirement: 100 square feet

$6,300 for first 100 square feet
$63 / per each additional square foot

This wall covering is a custom-print and final sale.



Sarah Morris is a painter and filmmaker who lives and works in New York and London. Her large-scale paintings abstract the complex patterns of the urban architectural environment. Morris’ compositions often employ a rigorous framework containing vividly colored shapes in a grid and tile structure.

Hellion Equilibrium echoes a permanent site-specific installation that was rendered in glass at a New York subway station.  The desing's evolving spectrum of bold color and jagged geometric forms reference the psychological, economic and physical entanglement created by the global modern world - both human and machine.

Artware Editions is an approved Maharam Digital Projects retailer and offers the complete line of artist-designed digital wall coverings. These mural-style installations are sized, priced and produced on a project-specific basis. They are scalable and repeatable.

There is a minimum purchase price of $6,300 for the first 100 square feet. The wall covering has a matte laminate finish which can be cleaned using mild soap and warm water.