Landscape Mobile (Limoges) by Roy Lichtenstein

Landscape Mobile (Limoges)
designed 1991
porcelain and cast resin with a steel armature
22 h x 25 l x 5½ d, inches
edition of 125

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This is the only remaining work by Lichtenstein that is on the primary market.  The artist designed the work in 1991 and the last examples from the edition were not produced until 2018 by Bernardaud in collaboration with the artist's estate.  Less than 10 are still available from the edition of 125 and we work directly with the original fabricator of the edition.  We sell brand new examples in perfect condition.

With Landscape Mobile, Roy Lichstenstein has designed a beautiful “art system” as a table centerpiece. Invoking Alexander Calder’s standing mobiles, Lichtenstein termed this piece a “stabile", but it is in fact a non-moving object representing a tall tree set in a green basin intended to be filled with flowers. To create a sense of moveable, balancing parts, Lichtenstein added an abstracted background of clouds, rain, and a bright yellow sun. This porcelain and cast resin stabile can be viewed from all four sides and its thin profile makes it an ideal and unobtrusive centerpiece.

Manufactured by Bernardaud in Limoges, France and Artes Magnus. The edition of 125 is signed and numbered.